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The Silver Controversy

Silver or Not - What are Silver and/or Charcoal Labs?
(taken from www.whisperingiridescence.com )

That is a good question. The Silver Lab debate is an ongoing and a very touchy subject in the lab breeding world.

Do you realize that those opposed to the "silver lab" are our best advertisers.  Sounds ironic doesn't it?......but it's simple as to why. Those who are against spread enough propaganda about silver breeders to intrigue those who are researching the lab. In turn, these people research the silver color in the lab in more depth and find out the truth about about it . The truth sets us free!

At Silver Arrow Labradors, we will provide you with the facts and leave the decision up to you. We, however, assure you that we have done our research and will provide you with the facts we have found in this great debate. We will not take part in any Silver Lab debate. We do respect the opinions of our friends (respected breeders and owners) who are greatly opposed to the Silver lab.

Breeders opinions
Many breeders will discourage you from buying a Silver lab! Why? Probably because their market is bottoming out with the introduction of silver and they cannot produce it for their clients. Many say they are actually mixes regardless of DNA proof.

However, due to the disharmony in the breeding world, a silver lab is considered a great fault in the show ring and currently both the AKC and CKC does accept them for registry but will not register them as silver. They will only register them as chocolate. Hence, the term "Silver" is dubbed in by breeders as an adjective to described their diluted coat color.

As the chocolate and the yellow lab first began with dissatisfaction in the breeding world, so has the silver lab. Many opposed breeders of the commonly colored labs have started rumors in the breeding world that Silver labs are actually weimaraner/lab mixes. In truth, Silver labs do have extensive pedigrees that not only proof their background but they can be backed up with any DNA testing available. Infact dedicated Silver Breeders are committed to improving bloodlines in the Silver as other reputable breeders do in all colors. We work with a number of Silver breeders that are committed to integrating champion show and hunter bloodlines in their stock.

The silver gene

Silver labs differ in no other way than the fact that they carry two genes (one from each parent) that causes their coat to have a silver (greyed or dilution) effect. There are no differences than any other lab in any other way. Infact, they will still be a great companion, hunter, therapeutic and search and rescue dog as all other labs are. The color factor has no effect on their personality.

The silver lab is a greyed chocolate lab and the charcoal is much the same effect with the black labs. All of the above apply to the charcoal as well. The effect results by the same gene and can be carried by your dog even if it does not have a silver or charcoal coat. It surfaces when each parent passes the gene onto the pup.

They are in demand and sparsely produced. You may pay a pretty dime for one. At Silver Arrow Labradors, we offer an affordable price for our silver lab pups while still offering healthy puppies with extensive champion bloodlines breed into their backgrounds. To view our pricing guide, please visit here .

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